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Challenging Service Distribution Innovation YuuZuu makes system more flexible in our society.

An example of the "YuuZuu" reservation applied to temporary model services

Models, talents, and booth girls are faces of an event with giving graces to it.
Sometimes they are the biggest factor to determine the success of the event.
Therefore, demands for the popular models are becoming bigger, and it's difficult and expensive to get the top models for the events.

On the other hand, supplies of the assistance level models are excessive, and then they are hired with low wages or often out of work.

The "YuuZuu" reservation enables an event organizer to get the desired models and cut the overall costs as well by managing the nominated models and other models separately.

A customer reserves an available nominated model with the "regular reservation".
When a nominated model is already reserved by someone with the temporary or the back up reservation, the "picky reservation" can take over it by paying an additional charge.
A customer reserves a model with the "temporary reservation" for the position which is replaceable.
The customer can receive the discount price in return for the risk of losing the model.
A customer reserves a model with the "backup reservation" for the case when the model reserved with "temporary reservation" is took over by the other event.
When the model of the "temporary reservation" is replaced with the one of the "backup reservation", bigger discount price is applied.

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