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Challenging Service Distribution Innovation YuuZuu makes system more flexible in our society.
We offer a "YuuZuu" reservation system that enhances the productivity of service venders by reducing "unsold goods" and "opportunity losses" generated by a mismatch between supply and demand in B2C or B2B markets using the results of research and development took in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Service and Technology (AIST).

Services are usually produced and consumed simultaneously because they are perishable (for example, please think of services such as dinners at restaurants). Therefore, quantity and quality of the demand and supply of services need to be coordinated in advance to distribute services effectively, and a "reservation" has been widely used for selling services traditionally (hotels, transportations, restaurants, hospitals, etc.).
We propose a new "YuuZuu" reservation system that improves both consumers' satisfaction and service venders' profit at the same time by coordinating a great variety of consumers' needs and the service resources owned by service providers adequately.

As e-business is becoming more and more active in the future, we are challenging to implement and popularize the "YuuZuu" reservation system, which is shown in the figure below, because we believe it will become an important business transaction method in the future society that will be led by service industry.


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