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Challenging Service Distribution Innovation YuuZuu makes system more flexible in our society.

The example of the "YuuZuu" reservation applied to guest room allocations for the Nishitetsu hotel chain.

Let's suppose an event is taking place at an event site.
The nearest hotel from the event site is the Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka, and it is already fully booked.

Is it possible for the hotel to accept such a reservation request from a walk-in customer?

If one of such customers changes his reservation to the second or the third candidate hotel, the Nishitetsu Inn Fukuoka can accept the reservation from the walk-in customer who really wants the hotel in Fukuoka.

The premium price is applied to the "picky" reservation in return for cut-in,
while the discount price is charged to the "flexible" reservation in return for allowing cut-in.
Everybody can gain some benefits. That's YuuZuu reservation!

This is a sample of validation test which is planned to be implemented with the Nishitetsu Inn hotel chain.

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