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Challenging Service Distribution Innovation YuuZuu makes system more flexible in our society.

An example of "YuuZuu" reservation applied to golf course reservations

He didn't have a strong reason to make the reservation at 10:00 a.m.
This kind of system loss is frequently happening with a versatile reservation system which loses both a user's and a service provider's benefit.
It is "YuuZuu" reservation that solves this problem.

A customer who is flexible for time frames accepts changes of reservation by giving the second or the third acceptable choices in advanse.
And then the customer can receive a discount price in return. This is a "flexible reservation".

A "picky reservation", which is charged premium price, can cut into "flexible reservation".
The "picky reservation" changes the reservation situation as shown below.

Everybody can gain some benefits. That's YuuZuu reservation!

This is a sample of validation test which is planned to be implemented with the Value Golf.

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