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Challenging Service Distribution Innovation YuuZuu makes system more flexible in our society.

An example of the "YuuZuu" reservation applied to distribution of fresh foods

Yields of fresh foods change every day according to the factors such as weather at area of production and the like, and it generally generates price change every day.
Major buyers of fresh foods such as big retailers or processors who seriously need stable supply want to avoid lack of procurement or cost increase.
As the YuuZuu reservation has multiple suppliers across the country, we can equalize the procurement risk and the additional cost caused by price change by receiving reservations in advance.

On the other hand, producers of fresh foods have problems of price instability and difficulty to predict sales because production quantity, which is influenced by natural condition, is instable.
If they can receive reservations in advance, sales is guaranteed and they can plan the production schedule that matches to the demand. They can decide sales price by themselves without receiving the influence from the market.

An example of the YuuZuu reservation applied to distribution of fresh foods

This is a sample of validation test which is planned to be implemented with Syunzai,.Ltd.

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